The Cause of This Defect

Outrageous Fortune

The Cause of This Defect

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60 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama | 02 August 2005

Season 1 | Episode 4

Eric's son Billy 'The Kid' Grady West dies in a misfortunate wheelie bin accident which gets Wolf released from prison to attend the burial. He manages to persuade the security guard, Paul, to let him go to the wake where Wolf rekindles his relationship with Cheryl and Loretta decides that Paul will do nicely in her attempt to lose her virginity and get Pascalle off her back. Wolf tells Jethro he is disappointed in him and then heads back to prison but not before Van tries to break Wolf out. Wolf tells him to go back home and look after Cheryl. Later, Cheryl talks to Jethro about Wolf and she faces up to the fact that if she wants her family to survive, she can't be with him any more. Her marriage is, in effect, over. So the best thing that can possibly happen is that Wolf stays in prison for as long as possible - because she can't bear to tell him.

Mark Beesley
James Griffin (creator) James Griffin Rachel Lang (creator) Rachel Lang
Robyn MalcolmGrant BowlerAntony StarrSiobhan Marshall