Sweet Bee's Home

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Sweet Bee's Home

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TV-Y7 | 22 min | Animation, Action, Adventure | English | 29 November 1986 (USA)

Season 2 | Episode 12

Sweet Bee is looking for a new planet her hive of Bee people can settle on. But her ship Scout 3 is shot down over Etheria by Hordak. Luckily Adora and her visiting brother Adam are on hand to help out as She-Ra and He-Man. Also joining them are Mermista and Frosta, brandishing the powers of water and ice, respectively. Frosta immediately takes a liking to He-Man and becomes quite jealous when he appears more interested in Sweet Bee.

Tom Tataranowicz
Bob Forward
John ErwinMelendy BrittAlan OppenheimerLinda Gary