Short Fuse


Short Fuse

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75 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery | English | 19 January 1972 (USA)

Season 1 | Episode 6

Stanford Chemicals CEO David Buckner wants to sell the business, but he is overruled by several people: his wife Doris, company lawyer Everett Logan, and his nephew Roger, the lighthearted young genius whose late father founded the company. But he has a plan: he has uncovered some very embarrassing and illegal past activities on the part of Roger. He demands that his nephew change his aunt Doris's mind about the sale, or he'll tell Doris about all the nasty things her precious Roger has done. But Roger is one step ahead of him, and initiates a plan to murder his uncle with dangerous explosives. Unfortunately for him, he didn't count on Lieutenant Columbo investigating Buckner's "car accident." The Lieutenant quickly suspects Roger, and puts together a web of evidence to trap the young scientist in his own lies.

Edward M. Abroms
Jackson Gillis (teleplay by) Lester Pine (story) Tina Pine (story) Jackson Gillis (story) Richard Levinson (created by) William Link (created by)
Peter FalkRoddy McDowallAnne FrancisJames Gregory