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Serjeant Musgrave's Dance

7/10 from 9 users - IMDb
78 min | Comedy, Drama | English | 24 October 1961 (UK)

Season 7 | Episode 8

    In Victorian England a Puritan sergeant and his three men (who are all deserters and tired of fighting) return from a bloody colonial war, to their colliery hometown. They have with them their rifles, a Gatling gun and the corpse of 'Billie' one of their own killed in the fighting. As they arrive In the town, a strike at the colliery is on the point of erupting into violence. The Sergeant promises the Mayor, his men will bring the situation under control and remove the trouble makers. A barmaid further adds to the confusion and things do not go as planned.

    Stuart Burge
    John Arden (adaptation) John Arden (play)
    Patrick McGoohanFreda JacksonDonal DonnellyJeanne Hepple