Moonlight on the Highway

ITV Sunday Night Theatre

Moonlight on the Highway

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52 min | Drama | English | 12 April 1969 (UK)

Season 1 | Episode 15

    Writing for ITV's SATURDAY NIGHT THEATRE series, Dennis Potterintroduced the notion that popular music expresses the yearning of the human spirit for a better world. A troubled young man, David Peters (Ian Holm), claims, "Once dreams were possible, that's what the popular songs told us." Rejecting rock music of the day, Peters is immersed in the tunes of Thirties crooner Al Bowlly (killed during the London blitz). He collects Bowlly memorabilia, publishes the Bowlly fan-club newsletter, and finds pleasure in lip-synching Bowlly records but his obsession with Bowlly masks certain darker events in his past.

    James MacTaggart
    Dennis Potter
    Ian HolmAnthony BateDeborah GrantRobin Wentworth