Margical History Tour

The Simpsons

Margical History Tour

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TV-PG | 30 min | Animation, Comedy | English | 08 February 2004 (USA)

Season 15 | Episode 11

Marge tells Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse history tales for their school reports because of the library's low standard. The first story, "Henry VIII", depicts Homer as Henry VIII, who marries several women to get the son who can take over the kingdom when he dies. In the second story, "Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea", Lisa is Sacagawea, a native American who is assigned to help President Thomas Jefferson's men to find the west coast. In the last story, "Mozart and Salieri", Bart is Mozart, a successful young composer, whose little sister Salieri is very jealous at Mozart's success.

Mike B. Anderson
Matt Groening (created by) James L. Brooks (developed by) Matt Groening (developed by) Sam Simon (developed by) Brian Kelley Daniel Chun (staff writer)
Dan CastellanetaJulie KavnerNancy CartwrightYeardley Smith