Stargate SG-1


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TV-14 | 60 min | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi | 18 August 2006

Season 10 | Episode 6

On General Jack O'Neil's personal recommendation, his -unwilling- former SG-1 mates are ordered to advise Hollywood production executive Martin 'Marty' Lloyd on a 'slightly ridiculous' version of the Stargate operations. The brainstorming proves rather unsatisfactory for both sides, despite repeated recourse to personal -often self-flattering- imagination and various real experiences, so the team members are relieved when General Landry calls them, as promised, for a mission, but just then the Gate breaks down temporarily. Marty also gets discomforting phone calls, and even more preposterous alternatives are considered, 'til an apparent "deus ex machina" appears...

Martin Wood
Brad Wright (developed for television by) Jonathan Glassner (developed for television by) Brad Wright Robert C. Cooper Joseph Mallozzi Paul Mullie Carl Binder Martin Gero Alan McCullough
Ben BrowderAmanda TappingChristopher JudgeClaudia Black