Ron Strykert

Real Name
Ron Strykert
Ron Strykert (born 18 August 1957) is an Australian guitarist, known for playing lead guitar for the reggae inspired 1980s band, Men at Work. Strykert co-founded Men at Work with Colin Hay as an acoustic duo in 1979, regularly performing at the Cricketer's Arms Hotel in Richmond, Victoria. He wrote and co-wrote many of their songs, including co-writing their well known chart topping song, "Down Under" and singing lead vocals on "Settle Down My Boy", one of his own songs from the Men at Work a...  Read more »
"Graham R. Strykert""James Strykert""R Strykert""R Strykert""R. Stryker""R. Strykers""R. Strykert""R. Stryktert""R. Stykert"R.Strykert"Ron Srykert""Ronald Graham Strykert""Ronald Strykert""Ronald Sykert"Strykert"Strykert Ronald Graham"St
January 01, 1970, Australia, Australia
SongwriterSingerRecord producerGuitarist