:Of The Wand & The Moon:

Real Name
Kim Larsen
Danish neofolk project started by Kim Larsen in 1998. Strongly influnced by early dark folk acts such as Death In June, :Of The Wand & The Moon: play a melancholic acoustic music, often aided by various guest musicians, with lyrics mainly in English and Danish. Pagan and runic themes have a prominent role in the music, artwork and lyrics of the band, and place the project alongside other acts on labels such as Hau Ruck! and Eis & Licht in their neofolk aesthetic. In 2005 Kim Larsen founded his own german-based label Heiðrunar Myrkrunar to release future projects....  Read more »
: Of The Wand And The Moon ::O.T.W.A.T.M::Of The Wand And The Moon:Of The Wand & The MoonOf The Wand And The MoonOFTHEWANDANDTHEMOON
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