O Homem do Dia (1958)

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1 h 50 min | Drama Musical21 February 1958

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O Homem do Dia

Tó and Pedro are cyclists from rival clubs, sponsored by small, highly competitive local companies: Famel (bicycles) and Caves (wines). Their competition extends to girls. Clara, the school teacher, ends up by marrying Tó, after he suffers a nasty accident which Pedro was involved - or that may have been Pedro's fault.

Henrique Campos
José Maud
María Dulce Alves Barbosa Elita Martos Alves da Costa


Celestino RibeiroCelestino Ribeiro

... Bobet

Mario PereiraMario Pereira

... Patela

Elita MartosElita Martos

... Dolores

Rosinda RosaRosinda Rosa

... Tina

Camilo de OliveiraCamilo De Oliveira

... Quim

Alves da CostaAlves Da Costa

... Júlio, the mestre

Alves BarbosaAlves Barbosa


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