Flottans överman (1958)

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87 min | Comedy | Swedish | 15 September 1958 (Sweden)

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Flottans överman

Fabian Bom has been sent by the Export Association to promote the Swedish export to Spain. He travels with the navy's cruiser to Barcelona, but his jealous fiancée Gullan has followed him in secrecy to keep an eye on him. In Barcelona the usually strict and virtuous Bom is surrounded by the local women and has a ball.

Stig Olin
Nils Poppe
Nils Poppe Harriet Andersson Yvonne Lombard Sigge Fürst


Sten GesterSten Gester

... Harry Sandberg

Sigge FürstSigge Fürst

... Karlsson

Harriet AnderssonHarriet Andersson

... Linnea Berg

Git GayGit Gay

... Vera Cavalcante

Georg AdellyGeorg Adelly

... Sailor

Rolf BotvidRolf Botvid

... Lieutenant

Einar AxelssonEinar Axelsson

... Rossling

Jaime AvellánJaime Avellán

... Diego Manolo

Nils PoppeNils Poppe

... Fabian Bom

Bellan RoosBellan Roos

... Spanish Businesswoman

Svea HolstSvea Holst

... Miss Svensson

Gösta BernhardGösta Bernhard

... Eduardo Cavalcante

Yvonne LombardYvonne Lombard

... Gullan Polander

Fritiof BillquistFritiof Billquist

... Commander Reling

Sven-Eric GambleSven-Eric Gamble

... Halland

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