Mark Ryan

Real Name
H.A. Der-Hovagimian
Born H.A. Der-Hovagimian in Toronto (Canada) of Armenian decent. He signed his first recording contract with newly-found at age 17. At 19, Billboard Magazine named him one of the top remixers from Canada. For years, his main focus was the project. Starting out as a solo techno project, and later crossing over with its commercial pop dance sound, the group (which consisted of Mark and schoolmate ) won numerous top ten hits and licenses worldwide, and peaked with its cover version of the 1980's hit "Forever Young". Mark left the group in 1997 and launched his own studio focussing on producing and/or remixing other local artists such as , , , , and many more. In 2002 Mark launched his second studio in Yerevan (Armenia)....  Read more »
"H. Der Hovagimian""H. Der-Hovagimain""H. Der-Hovagimian""M Ryan""M. Ryan""Mark \"H. Der Hovagimian\" Ryan"
"22 Green"E-Flux"H. A. Der Hovagimian""Latin Tech""S.O.S. Foundation"S.P.O.T."Syntex (2)""The Treatment""Vital Trip"