Jason Donovan



Born June 1, 1968, Malvern, Australia. Jason Donovan is an Australian actor and singer.

  • Real name
  • Jason Sean Donovan
  • Name variations
  • Donovan·J. Donovan·J.Donovan·Jason·Jason Donavan·Jason O'Donovan·Richard
  • Aliases
  • Jason Donavon
  • Band Aid II
  • Primary profession
  • Actor·soundtrack·composer
  • Country
  • Australia
  • Nationality
  • Australian
  • Gender
  • Male
  • Birth date
  • 01 June 1968
  • Place of birth
  • Melbourne
  • Residence
  • London
  • Knows language
  • English language
  • Parents
  • Terence Donovan·Sue McIntosh







Son of Terence Donovan and Sue McIntosh.

(23 March 2001) Son, Zac, was born.

(28 March 2000) Daughter, Jemma, was born.

Older half-brother of Stephanie McIntosh.

Sued "The Face" magazine in 1992 after they claimed he was gay. He won 200,000 in damages but came to an agreement with the magazine as it would have gone out of business. Unfortunately, the very act of his litigation damaged his image with some sections of society as he was labeled homophobic by gay rights campaigners, something he denied.

His partner since 1998 and the mother of his children is Angela Malloch, former stage manager.

The first Australian male artist to ever hold both single and album chart #1 positions in the UK simultaneously.

His favorite songs are "Come Together" by The Beatles , "Loves About To Change My Heart" by Donna Summer , "Evrytime We Say Goodbye" by Ella Fitzgerald , "Big Time" by Peter Gabriel , "Vertigo" by U2 and "Woman In Chains" by Tears For Fears (feat. Oleta Adams )..

Stepson of Marlene Donovan.

Tim Rice was so impressed with Donovans performance as Joseph during the 1991-1992 West End London Theatre run of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, that he pushed heavily for Donovan to play Simba in The Lion King . But Jeffrey Katzenberg refused as Donovan wasnt a big enough name for an American audience.

Grandson of Joan Menlove.

Great-grandson of Eileen Dawson.