Ted Gärdestad Biography


Date of Birth
18 February 1956
6' 0 1/2"


'Lotta Ramel' (? - ?) (divorced)


Had a relationship with 'Ann Zacharias' .

(22 June 1997) Committed suicide by jumping in front of an express train at Häggvik train station

Was known for his prankish sense of humour, which often reflected in his music. He was a big fan of Monty Python and loved practical jokes.

A scholarship was set up in Ted's name in 1997 to promote unsigned singer/songwriters and is awarded annually along with a tribute concert.

The only colleagues from Ted's musical career attending his funeral were 'Janne Schaffer' , 'Björn Json Lindh' , 'Michael B. Tretow' , Barbro 'Lill-Babs' Svensson and 'Agnetha Fältskog' .

In 1981, Ted and 'ABBA' sound engineer 'Michael B. Tretow' had a surprise hit single with the novelty track "Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot" in Sweden, released under the anonymous group moniker Caramba on the equally anonymous record label Trash Records. The liner notes to Tretow's 1999 CD compilation Greatest Hits carry the following dedication: "This album is dedicated to Ted Gärdestad, who should be here now, rolling on the floor in paroxysms of laughter as usual".