Mark Ryan Biography


Date of Birth
7 June 1956
5' 11"


Born H.A. Der-Hovagimian in Toronto (Canada) of Armenian decent. He signed his first recording contract with newly-found at age 17. At 19, Billboard Magazine named him one of the top remixers from Canada. For years, his main focus was the project. Starting out as a solo techno project, and later crossing over with its commercial pop dance sound, the group (which consisted of Mark and schoolmate ) won numerous top ten hits and licenses worldwide, and peaked with its cover version of the 1980's hit "Forever Young". Mark left the group in 1997 and launched his own studio focussing on producing and/or remixing other local artists such as , , , , and many more.
In 2002 Mark launched his second studio in Yerevan (Armenia).


Originally his character on "Robin of Sherwood" (1984) , Nasir, was supposed to be killed in the pilot episode "Robin Hood And The Sorcerer" but the writers changed their minds and made him a part of the cast.

In First Knight (1995) , Mark apprenticed as assistant sword master under the veteran sword master, 'Bob Anderson ' .

Was the very first Saracen character in a Robin Hood story. After his addition to the cast as a permanent character, the Saracen has been a part of every new Robin Hood movie/television series made since.

He collaborated with artist Mike Grell on a graphic novel called "The Pilgrim", which involved psychic warfare during World War 2. The novel is supposedly based on Ryan's own experience within the Intelligence Corps/Special Forces.

He is collaborating with writer 'John Matthews ' on a film called "Angel in the Dark", inspired by Ryan's ten years in Los Angeles.

Son of 'Ingrid Goude' and Arthur Ryan, former CEO of Technicolor, Inc.

Graudated from the USC School of Cinema-Television (1999).

Winner of the James Beard Foundation Broadcast Media Award for "Stewards of the Land" (Best Webcast, 2008).


About "The Pilgrim": "[It] is something I've been working on for a long time and I'm really happy Mike [Grell] and I can work together again on this project. It's a dark psychic thriller based on historical events and characters. It's based on a legendary occult and scientific theory about The Zero Point Field and contact with extra-dimensional intelligences, not all of whom have humanity's best interests at heart. We also delve into the occult history of the Nazi "Bell" and anti-gravity propulsion systems and mind control."

You can't please everyone but I've always felt you cannot ultimately lose if you give everything you try 110%. You'll always learn something useful, even from a failure that can be applied to the next challenge or project. Life is a learning process and I'm very proud of the work I've done and the people I've worked with.

The real magic is in making the intangible idea, the creative impulse manifest and live in our reality.


"Starlog" (USA), May 1991, Iss. 166, by: Jean Airey, "Saracen Sentiments"

Other Works


The Marriage of Figaro [Figaro]

Don Giovanni [Leporello]

The Mystery of Edwin Drood (1987) [Neville Landless]

Evita (1978, London's West End) [Magaldi, 1978-1980] [Che Guevara 1980-1982]

Dean [Vic Damone] (London's West End)

Elmer Gantry (Gate Theatre, Notting Hill) [Elmer Gantry]

Guys and Dolls [Sky Masterson]

Music Video:

Gary Moore's music video for "Over the Hills and Far Away"

Assistant Swordmaster:

Film: First Knight.

Promos & Adverts:

"We Make Excitement" Showtime ad

Heinz Ketchup Commercial


"Evita" Soundtrack (1978) [Version starring 'David Essex ' and 'Elaine Paige' ].

"Matador" (Epic Records) [Sings a duet with 'Tom Jones ' on "This Incredible Journey"].

"Wuthering Heights" music; a musical adaptation of 'Emily Brontë' 's novel. Composed by Mark Ryan; produced by 'Robb Vallier' . Also featuring performances by Ryan.

(1978) He acted in 'Andrew Lloyd Webber' and 'Tim Rice ' 's musical, "Evita", at the Prince Edward Theatre in London, England with 'Elaine Paige' , 'Joss Ackland' , 'David Essex ' and 'Siobhan McCarthy ' in the cast. 'Harold Prince' was the director.

(February 1981) He acted in 'Andrew Lloyd Webber' 's musical, "Evita", at the Prince Edward Theatre in London, England with 'Marti Webb' , 'John Turner ' , 'Kelly Hunter ' and 'David Burt ' in the cast.

(June 1981) He acted in 'Andrew Lloyd Webber' 's musical, "Evita", at the Prince Edward Theatre in London, England with 'Stephanie Lawrence ' , 'John Turner ' , 'Kelly Hunter ' and 'David Burt ' in the cast.

(1987) He acted in 'Rupert Holmes' ' musical, "The Mystery of Edwin Drood", at the Savoy Theatre in London, England for 68 performances with 'Lulu ' , 'Ernie Wise' , 'Julia Hills' , 'Paul Bentley ' , 'David Burt ' and 'Sarah Payne ' in the cast. 'Wilford Leach' was the director.