Mandawuy Yunupingu Biography


Date of Birth
17 September 1956
Birth Name
Tom Djambayang Bakamana Yunupingu


'Gatjilayngu Maymuru' (? - 2 June 2013) (his death); 6 children


Lead singer of popular Australian indigenous band, 'Yothu Yindi' .

Named his popular band Yothu Yindi, because it means 'Child and Mother' in his native tongue, Gumatj.

Brother of 'Galarrwuy Yunupingu'

Uncle of 'Makuma Yunupingu'

Worked with 'Andrew Farriss' , of 'INXS' , to produce the latest Yothu Yindi album.

Was the first Aboriginal to become a Pricipal of a school in Australia.

Named as Australian of the year in 1992.

He had six daughters with his wife, Gatjilayngu.

(March 2003) With his band 'Yothu Yindi', is supporting Carlos Santana on his tour around Australia.


Racism is a disease in society. We're all equal. I don't care what their colour is, or religion. Just as long as they're human beings they're my buddies.

Other Works

(1997) Teamed up with Judith Durham and Russell Hitchcock to release a cover of the classic song 'I am Australian'. It reached the top 20 in Australia.

(1996) Album - Wild Honey

(1993) Album - Freedom

(1991) Album - Tribal Voice

(1989) Album - Homeland movement