Darren Hanlon Biography


    Darren Hanlon is an Australian singer/songwriter who plays urban folk music. He has released five solo albums, three EPs and eight singles on Candle Records and Flippin Yeah industries, as well as several compilation tracks. After the dissolving of Candle Records he has started his own pseudo-label called Flippin Yeah Industries in 2008. There have been eight video clips made of his songs \"Happiness is a Chemical\", \"Hiccups\", \"A to Z\", \"Elbows\", \"The Unmade Bed\", \"Fingertips & Mountaintops\", \"All These Things\", \"Electric Skeleton\" and the latest \"Butterfly Bones\" starring Bob Ellis, Rhys Muldoon and Jessica Tovey. Before becoming a solo artist in 1999, he was a member of the Simpletons, and contributed backing guitar and keyboards for the Lucksmiths, the Dearhunters, and Mick Thomas. Hanlon is known for his engagement with his audiences, through his down-to-earth storytelling at live gigs as well as his often charming lyrics. Additionally, he is known for his quirky videos, including I Wish That I Was Beautiful For You which starred Darren himself alongside Eli Wallach. He has toured with Billy Bragg, David Dondero, Tim Kasher, Violent Femmes, The Magnetic Fields, and Courtney Barnett.