Andrew Johnston Biography


Date of Birth
4 January 1988
6' 1"


He made guest appearances on all three of the longest running North American science fiction series: "The X Files" (1993) , "Stargate SG-1" (1997) and "Smallville" (2001) .

Attended the same high school as Australian actors 'Adam Garcia ' , 'Hugh Jackman' , 'Reg Livermore' , 'Hugo Weaving' , writer 'Stuart Beattie ' and radio host 'John Laws ' .

Turned down the offer to audition for the role of "Danny" in the 'Jackie Chan ' film Hung fan kui (1995) (Rumble In The Bronx).

Childhood neighbor of 'Hugo Johnstone-Burt' .

Other Works

(21 September 2010-26 September 2010) Stage play: Rip Whitening's SynchroDestiny Experience - playing Rip Whitening, at Factory Theatre, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia

(1 March 2010-25 March 2010) Online viral advertising for Motorola - Rob Multo