Forward Of Short Leg Album
by Jon Rose

Forward Of Short Leg



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Free Improvisation

This album is a sample of some of the group combinations that I've worked with in the last six years. All music extracts were improvised and most come from longer pieces, performed live in concert.
© All titles by the musicians 1986.

A1: Sydney 1983
A2: Sydney 1874
A4: London 1984
A6, B6, B8: New York City 1986
A7: Mainz 1985
B1: Basel 1985
B2: London 1980
B3: Chicago 1986
B4, B9: Vienna 1985
B7: Wuppertal 1985


1In The CoversIn The Covers1:46
2Third ManThird Man2:57
3Square Of DeepSquare Of Deep2:59
4Backward Of PointBackward Of Point4:34
5Second SlipSecond Slip1:49
6Square LegSquare Leg5:58
7On The BoundaryOn The Boundary2:22
8First SlipFirst Slip2:22
9Long OnLong On2:57
10Mid OffMid Off0:41
11New FeetNew Feet2:36
12The Ashes (There'll Never Be Another Moon)The Ashes (There'll Never Be Another Moon)2:58
13A) No Ball - B) Hendrix Declares - C) Parker In The GulleyA) No Ball - B) Hendrix Declares - C) Parker In The Gulley2:22
14Billy Bong (Bang) For SixBilly Bong (Bang) For Six2:38
15Fine Leg (3 Extracts)Fine Leg (3 Extracts)4:37