Brain Weather - The Story Of The Rosenbergs Album
by Jon Rose



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Free ImprovisationContemporaryExperimental

Tracks 1 to 27 titled in booklet and inner tray sleeve as "Brain Weather - The Story Of The Rosenbergs, an opera pervers by Jon Rose"
Recorded January 1992, Sydney, Australia.
Tapes courtesy of The Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
Voices also credits " more than 100 members of the Rosenberg family world wide".

Tracks 28 to 41 - The Weather Man, subtitled in booklet as "for Solo Violin, Interactive Ultrasound to computer system, Kawai Synthesizer ."

"The Weather Man" recorded live direct to 2 track in the Orchestra Studio of Saarlandischer Rundfunk on 12 June 1992.
Tape courtesy of Saarlandischer Rundfunk.

Remastered at STEIM, Amsterdam.
Special thanks to ABC, Sydney, for making 'Brain weather' possible.

European Distibution: RéR.
US Distribution: Cuneiform.
Brasil: RéR Brasil.


1A. BrainweatherA. Brainweather
2At The DentistAt The Dentist1:37
3The Metal Violin - Jimmi RosenbergThe Metal Violin - Jimmi Rosenberg1:28
4The Jazz Violin - Jo 'Doc' RosenbergThe Jazz Violin - Jo 'Doc' Rosenberg1:11
5In CourtIn Court1:12
6Meet The RosenbergsMeet The Rosenbergs1:27
7In Court (2)In Court (2)0:48
8Robert Z. Rosenberg (1)Robert Z. Rosenberg (1)1:00
9Close Encounters With The Other RosenbergsClose Encounters With The Other Rosenbergs1:54
10At The HairdresserAt The Hairdresser1:20
11Meet The Rosenbergs (2) And Dr. Johannes Rosenberg Conducts The Orchestra Of The Second Viennese SchoolMeet The Rosenbergs (2) And Dr. Johannes Rosenberg Conducts The Orchestra Of The Second Viennese School4:10
12In Court (3)In Court (3)3:19
13The Jazz Violin (2)The Jazz Violin (2)1:01
14Close Encounters (2)Close Encounters (2)2:52
15On The Shrink's CouchOn The Shrink's Couch1:44
16Meet The Rosenbergs (3)Meet The Rosenbergs (3)2:15
17TV Psychic And Jo 'Doc' (3)TV Psychic And Jo 'Doc' (3)0:52
18Rosenbergs Reunion PartyRosenbergs Reunion Party3:18
19Golf, Golf, Golf: Fuck, Fuck, FuckGolf, Golf, Golf: Fuck, Fuck, Fuck2:20
20Robert Z. Rosenberg (2)Robert Z. Rosenberg (2)0:51
21Violin On The Golf CourseViolin On The Golf Course4:47
22In Court (4)In Court (4)1:38
23Jimmi & JoJimmi & Jo0:56
24In Court (5)In Court (5)1:15
25Definitions Of Truth/UntruthDefinitions Of Truth/Untruth2:34
26Robert Z. Rosenberg (3)Robert Z. Rosenberg (3)0:46
27In The Operating TheatreIn The Operating Theatre2:53
28Hole-In-One NightmareHole-In-One Nightmare0:41
30B. The Weather ManB. The Weather Man
31The Weather ManThe Weather Man20:04