2001: Riverside Church, NY, USA Album
by Björk

2001: Riverside Church, NY, USA

Release type

Live Album

Best you can do: browse YouTube for the words: Bjork and Riverside Church. There were at least TWO concerts there in 2001 at May 22, and September 6 .... Bjork did start her Vespertine album tour at May 22, 2001 in Harlem, New York City, in a tiny chapel at Riverside Church ... with Matmos, the experimental electronic music duo from San Francisco, harpist Zeena Parkins and -The inuit choir-. ... -Setlist May 22- 01.Unravel 02.Undo 03.All Is Full Of Love 04.Pagan Poetry 05.Cocoon 06.Aurora 07.It's Not Up to You 08.Generous Palmstroke ... Bjork.com states another 2001 Riverside Church Concert at September 6, 2001 This show was filmed for HBO's show Reverb! -Setlist September 6- 01.Unravel 02.Frosti 03.Aurora 04.All Is Full Of Love 05.Undo 06.Generous Palmstroke 07.Pagan Poetry 08.Possibly Maybe 09.Cocoon 10.Isobel 11.Hidden Place 12.Anchor Song 13.Venus As A Boy 14.It's In Our Hands 15.Undo(again) 16.Unravel(again) ... YT sources states that Unison was part of the September 6 setlist, too...http://www.bjork.com/facts/gigography/sub.php?date=2001-05-22http://www.bjork.com/facts/gigography/sub.php?date=2001-09-06http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vespertinemtv.com/news/articles/1444045/20010524/bjork.jhtml Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.